The Slaves We Do Not See.

I am riding the bus to see my friend in Virginia on a Wednesday evening. I look outside the window, from the safety of my seat, and see towns, supermarkets, and houses disappear in the night. The bus keeps driving and will arrive at its destination in an hour and a half; my friend willContinue reading “The Slaves We Do Not See.”

How Virtual Reality Can Melt Your Heart.

The Tenement Museum, 97 Orchard Street  I ‘spoke’ to a Greek immigrant who moved to New York in 1913 at the weekend. Her name was Victoria Confino and I ‘met’ her on one of the tours organized at the Tenement Museum at 97 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side. This was one of theContinue reading “How Virtual Reality Can Melt Your Heart.”

The Food You Grow On Never Leaves Your System.

I grew up on a garden full of vegetables my grandmother looked after in the country, toast, butter and homemade strawberry and cherry jam, aubergine salad, chicken soup, meatball soup, tripe soup, polenta, fried pork and scrambled eggs, apple pies, a flurry of lamb and pork dishes that my family made for Easter and ChristmasContinue reading “The Food You Grow On Never Leaves Your System.”