This is not a post about Susan Cain’s eponymous book. Although it is a fantastic piece of work that everyone should read.

It is a post about the beauty of a quiet environment, about the kind of silence that lets you hear your thoughts, focus on them, dissect them un-interrupted and type them down. I’m enjoying a quiet moment right about now.

I’m not completely disconnected from technology, but at least the only application I’m using on my Mac is Word. There’s no film or music banging in the background, no Social Media tabs up and running on Safari to steal my attention.

I’m thinking about switching off more often. Next time, I plan on going cold turkey and seeing how I manage to live without my Mac for a week or so. I hope it will allow me to focus on my other interests.

If people can live on Bear Grills’ survival island, I bet I can pull that off.

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