Diving deep.

As a person with a more introspective nature, I have always enjoyed the company of good books and their ability to open up whole new worlds with the turn of a page. One after one, I turned the pages of the great books of my adolescence and young adulthood and discovered a universe of memorable literary characters, the history of the great civilizations and the fountain of life.

I wouldn’t trade an hour of reading for anything in the world. I love the way in which words flow to create meaning out nothing; how they bring distant civilizations to life with the richest details; and how they bring to life the hope of the world and help it find a home in your soul.

I love how good books never waste a word on meaningless details and how every single letter serves its purpose on a page.

I truly appreciate good writers and their ability to use pen and paper to communicate and stir human emotion.

That’s just me.

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