My love story with animals continued.

I do not find it easy to see animals in captivity, depleted of their habitats, killed for sport, used for testing in medical laboratories, or born, bred and raised to be killed on a production line. It’s a too dehumanising a fate for creatures that are so beautiful and complex and that, in the end, feel pain as much as we do.

Empathy towards animals and the belief we don’t treat them fairly are some of the reasons I switched to a vegan diet and would like to do more for them in general.

I’m conscious that not everyone can make the same decisions as I have or that I’m contemplating of making, but it’s challenging to watch documentaries that graphically describe how animals are treated on contemporary farms and not be moved. It’s too sad for us as people to reduce the world and all its creatures into different bits and pieces that, one way or the other, get packaged up and sold for a price tag in a store.

I feel we should enjoy them for what they are as much as possible instead.

Therefore, I don’t know exactly how my love story with animals will continue but I’m keen for it to be written along the same lines that it’s started on.

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