Pompei, 24 August 79 AD, and 2,000 years after

“Findings from the archaeological and stratigraphic surveys conducted on the materials deposited during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD were compared with the description of the event that Pliny the Young gave to Tacitus. Together they have shed light on the progression of consequences for people and things during the eruptive event. On theContinue reading “Pompei, 24 August 79 AD, and 2,000 years after”

#Vesuvius: the day I climbed a volcano

“…Non v’e sguardo umano, in questa regione, che la sera si chiuda senza aver guardato la cima della montagna.” I understand the need to look in the direction of the volcano if you live in the region of Mt. Vesuvius. Your home and your life are at the feet of a force that has struckContinue reading “#Vesuvius: the day I climbed a volcano”

Caprices and Capri

There’s something about Capri that makes you want to spoil yourself. 40 minutes by boat from boiling, overcrowded Naples, Capri has that kind of quietness and tranquillity that only an island can provide. Buffered by the sea and capped by the sun, time seems to pass slowly, inviting you to lie on a chaise longueContinue reading “Caprices and Capri”