#Romanian #Elections & the #Diaspora: Action Points, Round 2, 16 Nov.

We’re hoping that those organising the Presidential elections this November will come around and supplement the number of voting stations, voting stamps, staff, etc. required for the Diaspora to vote decently in the 2nd round on 16th November. “We’re hoping” is an artificial form of politeness. What I mean to say is “They had better.”

At any rate, I have decided what I’m going to do on Sunday 16th Nov.:

1. Go to the voting station at ICR London 1st thing. I voted at 10.00am yesterday. In two weeks’ time, I aim to get it done by 08.00am. So do others.

2. Use my phone to take photos of how things are progressing and post on Social Media – inform the world, tweet to the European Institutions, the Governments and Parliaments of the countries that matter from a democratic point of view in this world. Tweet to the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice; to the world’s most respected newspapers and TV stations, and to those back home – and let them know the status quo. Tell them how things are going, what people are feeling, and all the hopes they’re putting in their votes. I believe in the impact that one individual can make. If I can influence one other person to get out of the house and vote for the right candidate, if I can inspire them that they value as individuals and that their vote is important, I’ll do all those things above. I’ll put together a list of organisations and media I want to reach and I’ll pass it to you to do the same. I want this whole 2nd round of Presidential elections at home to be the hot topic of the day around the globe.

3. I might hang around ICR London after I voted to see how things are going – and keep tweeting about the status quo to the world. I’ll be a reporter for a day – support human rights, justice, democracy, and my country – exactly what is at stake here.

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