#Romanian #Elections: #Ponta & #PSD, you’ve stirred the hornet’s nest.

I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for about an hour trying to gather my thoughts and write coherently about the 1st round of the presidential elections that took place in Romania on Sunday 2nd November – and about what happened with the Romanians who live abroad and tried to vote. Instead, I’m irritated and on the verge of shaking from the annoyance I feel.

I voted in London early this morning, but not all the Romanians in this city and other cities around the world who wanted to exercise this constitutional right had the chance. This is particularly because of the low number of stations set up for the diaspora, bureaucracy, slow-moving processes, and many of us suspect, and attempt of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) and their candidate, the current Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, to silence our voices and reduce our impact on the fate of these elections. We don’t generally vote for them, you see.

Politically, I haven’t been this riled since 2012, when the same party and Prime Minister organised a referendum to impeach President Basescu. Their attempt to overthrow him smelled like a thirst for power rather than justice.

What happened today again smells like a thirst for power.

You’re desperate, sirs – and if you tried to silence us, the only thing you’ve managed to do is stir the hornet’s nest. As a friend wrote on Facebook this afternoon, after failing to vote in Brussels “we’ll see each other in two weeks”, when the 2nd round of these elections takes place.

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