#Romanian #Elections & the #Diaspora: Action Points, Round 2, 16 Nov.

We’re hoping that those organising the Presidential elections this November will come around and supplement the number of voting stations, voting stamps, staff, etc. required for the Diaspora to vote decently in the 2nd round on 16th November. “We’re hoping” is an artificial form of politeness. What I mean to say is “They had better.”Continue reading “#Romanian #Elections & the #Diaspora: Action Points, Round 2, 16 Nov.”

#Romanian #Elections: #Ponta & #PSD, you’ve stirred the hornet’s nest.

I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for about an hour trying to gather my thoughts and write coherently about the 1st round of the presidential elections that took place in Romania on Sunday 2nd November – and about what happened with the Romanians who live abroad and tried to vote. Instead, I’m irritatedContinue reading “#Romanian #Elections: #Ponta & #PSD, you’ve stirred the hornet’s nest.”