Algunas imagenes sobre la belleza marina de Barcelona, Día 2

Going back to the streets of Barcelona, this is Day 2 or Día 2. I’ve added some photos taken in Parc de la Ciutadela and in my walks through the city centre, while making my way to the famous Gaudi-designed Casa Batlo. Barcelona’s amazing architecture and sense of marine tranquility stayed with me throughout the day.

Algunas imagenes sobre la belleza marina de Barcelona, Día 1

Differently said, “Some photos on the marine beauty of Barcelona.” I spent a couple of days there towards the end of May and discovered a warm and welcoming city not just because of its summer-like temperatures, but also of  pretty much everything else that belongs to it: its architecture and design, its proximity to the sea, itsContinue reading “Algunas imagenes sobre la belleza marina de Barcelona, Día 1”

Getting Online Education Right #squaredonline

Curious about online education and learning new stuff, I decided to attend several online courses at the start of the year. The former, a MOOC in Content Strategy provided by; the latter, a six-month course in Digital Marketing, Squared Online, provided by Google. One experience in the bag and the other one under way, I’mContinue reading “Getting Online Education Right #squaredonline”