ZMOT and Customer Journeys, What a Rollercoaster #squaredonline

One of the biggest takeaways from Module 3 has been companies’ need to understand customers now more than ever. Leaving aside the variety of traditional media channels that allow them to get their products and services in front of customers, there is also a wide variety of digital channels (websites, Social Media, mobile) and toolsContinue reading “ZMOT and Customer Journeys, What a Rollercoaster #squaredonline”

The Beauty of Great MVPs: Zagorra #squaredonline

Thinking about the main takeaways from my Module 2 journey with Squared Online, I’d say Malcolm Bell’s talk on the beginnings of Zagorra is a great example of the importance of MVPs (minimum value propositions) in product success. AN MVP ZAGORRA DID NOT HAVE TO SWEAT FOR. As a new business in the (online) marketplace ofContinue reading “The Beauty of Great MVPs: Zagorra #squaredonline”