The Stories of #RoughSleepers.

Every person has a story.

I, for one, would like to know the stories of those people who are now living on the streets. It’s not as cruel and selfish a thought as it sounds – but rather one that comes from the need of understanding the circumstances that have triggered those people’s being there. It also comes from a belief that this is reversible and that what is now broken can be put back together – with understanding, patience, time, and the genuine desire of doing so.

Broken families, divorces, single moms, joblessness, moneyless-ness, alcoholism, depression, sickness – perhaps some of the reasons that create circumstances conducive to people’s sleeping rough.

Why the interest? I’ve been walking past homeless people at various points in my walks through the city and what has always been in my mind is that those who are now homeless are just like you and me. They came into this world the same way and went through the same stages in life that we went through. But somewhere along the way, or at various points along the way, their paths to normal lives intersected with circumstances difficult to overcome.

It may be oversimplified, but I think this is the core of it. So then the question is – if they have ended up on the street because of the unfavourable circumstances they came across, how do you reverse or enhance does circumstances, so that their lives can be rebuilt again?

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