Thanksgiving is Defined by Showing Thanks.

I’ve known about Thanksgiving for … as long as I can remember, but this is the first year I’ve given more attention to this iconic American holiday. It follows an invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner that I honoured on Saturday evening, but that also made me ask myself – what am I giving thanks for?

It seemed inauthentic to attend a dinner celebrating the day without acknowledging the things I’m grateful for. So I wrote them down to make sure I understood what they were and that I’d be giving thanks for heartfelt things.

But this avowed moment of (self-)reflection led me to another thought: it’s not enough to give thanks for the things that have made the list. It’s trivial and it means nothing unless you, or rather I, give and show thanks for them on a daily basis. A daunting moment, because – based on my daily behaviour – I then realised that I may not really acknowledge and be grateful for them after all.

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