Ich bin kein Politiker: A Young Romanian’s Opinion on the Referendum.


Politics has never been a subject that I followed closely. I have been catching the headlines in politics sporadically, watching the news similarly, forming an impression of our politicians based on the same melting pot and voting every four years on the same impressions.

Despite this minimal involvement, I have always chosen to vote in favour of the presidential candidate who I believed represented the best choice for Romania at the respective moment.

I have now been watching the campaign for the referendum, the results and the discussions that have emerged around its in-validation more closely, so I am wondering how far down this road will a decision be made and how more interpretable laws and situations can still become.


I am not entirely pleased with Traian Basescu and with many of the ministers he has appointed in his now eight years in office. Without a doubt there are things that he and his team could have handled way better not only from the point of view of the economic crisis, but also from the overall development of the country. I personally doubt that Traian Basescu would succeed in securing another mandate at the helm of the country if things don’t improve dramatically. Seeing the Democratic Party and some of their front men in action these years, I would check thrice before granting them a vote.

HOWEVER, I am severely adverse to his impeachment this July and to the referendum. It screams too much of a thirst for power and of desperation on the part of the opposition and too little of something done for the good of the country.

These weeks I have seen the interim president giving his first speech, his face betraying glee not at doing Romanians a favour but at FINALLY getting some touch of power. I have also seen the Prime Minister immersing and deepening himself in political accusations and speeches that have lowered his credibility and should have, to the smart voter, revealed the real reasons of the referendum.


I did not vote on Sunday. I did not think it was proper for the opposition to summon the population to vote in a referendum there did not seem to be a real reason for. I personally prefer to decide on the change of our country’s president in the presidential elections and opinionate then. In the meantime, I am waiting for the referendum to be invalidated, the interim president to resign, the suspended president to be reinstated and ideally for politicians to mind the legislative and executive attributions they have been elected for – when they consider the country is a priority, that is.

Und so weiter – I would not have voted for the Social – Liberal Union anyway. It’s a dubious arrangement.

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