Walking through London these last two days I felt like walking through cities I’d walked through before. Under temperatures +22 degrees, the city is familiar and quiet and taking its time. On Rosebury Avenue and Shaftesbury Avenue yesterday I felt like walking through quiet and romantic neighbourhoods in New York.  At Piccadilly Circus I relived the touristic commotion of Times Square and, on the whole, the heat that settled on the boroughs and on the streets that summer I spent there.

*Inspired by All cats look the same in the dark. 

2 thoughts on “All Cities Feel the Same in the Summer*.

    1. Thank you, Zozo. I know humidity is not the same in both cities; these were merely my sensations after my walk that day. Have you been to Lnd/NY? How do you see the cities and what do you like about them? Do you have a favourite place (within or outside these two)?

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