On Working Out.

Working out has been a thing since high school, when it became “important” (for me) to be cool and slim. Several people encouraged me to add some kilos back on especially over the last few years but no comments arrived regarding my coolness.

So jogging was a serious affair during high school and fell into obsolescence during the university. I don’t recall going to the gym in my university days, although I must have had an on-and-off subscription at some point. I am however sure that I took up swimming in my second year at the university and learned how to swim in the Olympic pool at Floreasca – a proud achievement.

Three years ago I got a subscription at the gym across the street and started going regularly. It paid off. That autumn I took up Tae Bo and I liked it as well. The spring that followed I started going to the park and running three and sometimes four times a week. It helped that I was part of a group and we all went running together. The group sort of fell apart, but I continued running although the fun admittedly was not there and I was running not to give up and to keep going.

Living a stone’s throw away from Battersea Park has been great and brought the fun back into running.

April has been rainy, allowing little jogging (or jogging squeezed in between rain showers). I went to Battersea Park yesterday evening to make up for the time indoors. I decided I’d do two laps instead of the usual one “because I’m fit and trained and I can do it” and also threw in 20 genuflections between the laps “because I won’t feel them”. “And would you believe it”, I felt all my muscles fall back into place after those genuflections and woke up with muscular ache this morning.

Conclusions: (1) the road to fitness is long and never-ending; (2) one had better not stop and train continuously to get there.

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