A Rain & Jog-Related Post.

I went jogging today hoping that the weather would hold and that I wouldn’t get home soaking wet. After all, an hour had barely passed since I got dressed to leave the house but it started raining and thundering. Luckily, the weather held. So I was running through the park and the silence that usually sets after it rains, the one when you only hear the cars down the wet road.

I’ve been jogging for some time now, I said to myself. Nothing professional, just putting on my working-out clothes three or four times a week and going running. Maybe I should start doing it more professionally or taking part in running events for charities, the thought continued. Or maybe take up another sport the same way I took up jogging. Swimming has always been my runner-up and I remembered learning how to swim and loving learning how to swim during the university. Or maybe do something out of the ordinary to push the limits, like that yacht race I saw advertised on the tube.

Needless to say, I got home and ten minutes later it started raining but the thought is still with me.

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