The Webling Continues.

Bogdan and Veronica were going to an event dedicated to the London start-up scene on Friday. Veronica mentioned it to me, so the three of us went there together. The host opened the evening presenting his stories in Silicon Valley and his transition to London. He briefly went through things that impacted the development of start-ups (communities, funding and work space) and left the floor for networking for the rest of the evening.

I talked to a young architect interested in community engagement; Madeleine,  who was working for a private equity firm and also for a social enterprise; a venture capitalist from the Valley who was looking for developers for a telecom project; and two Brazilian business partners who were working on an innovative loyalty programme.

Then I wondered what it would be like to always be in this always-full-of-buzz atmosphere, i.e. entrepreneurial, idea-generating and idea-oriented. Bogdan provided an answer – he hasn’t always been in this mode (either), but admitted it was “cool”.

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