Sons & Lovers.

I’m not quite sure why I called this post “Sons & Lovers”. If anything, the title may have been prompted to me by the discussion I had with Judy when we went to the Argentinian play on Saturday. We were waiting for the the play to start and looking at the books in the bookstore the small theater was part of. D.H. Lawrence books were also on display.

Today I left school and was walking into the Waterloo Station, not before my eyes fell on one of the people who are living on the street in its proximity. S/He, I can’t remember, was sitting on the pavement, covered in blankets and had two dogs curled at her/his feet. They were also covered in blankets – carefully, so as not be cold, black heads and noses coming out from under the blankets.

Later in the evening, my Facebook news feed prompted a comment someone had made on a photo taken somewhere in Romania, a hell for homeless animals and dogs these days, where a law has been passed allowing them to be killed. The photo showed a stray dog dragged outside of a public courtyard by two people from the kennel. The animal was fighting spasmodically, the people were dragging him by the rope or the wire around his neck heartlessly, purposefully.

I thought it’s such a joke that humans are at the high-end of the evolutionary and social chain. Such a sick, sick joke.

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