The Market for God.

I passed by McDonald’s Piaţa Unirii today, on my way to KFC. Oh well, it’s their garlic sauce that makes me do it.

Queing by the ATM to pull out some cash, I was listening to the group of teenagers who had set camp in front of Unirii Store and used a mike to address the passers – by about repetance, acceptance of God, salvation and Jesus. They must have come from a Protestant church. I know, having attended Sunday sermons in these churches in England and Romania before, and having a best friend who is herself a Protestant.

It must be because their presentation style was familiar that I did not block them out. The minutes I spent queing, I heard them loud and clear, and the sound of the street fell in the background.

I wonder what the others thought.

Turning right to KFC, I saw an Orthodox priest prompted against the wall and holding a card. He was asking for donations for his church.

Then it struck me that the number of Churches asking for attention was too large for a 20sqm area. Then I thought “There is a market for God on Earth”. Then I thought “It’s wrong to think that”. Then I thought “But they’re somehow right”. So I’m still thinking about it.

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