Change = New +/- Old.

Change requires throwing out the old and adopting the new, a perpetuating equation that holds water for all the processes categorised as transformations – stages in the development of the world, in the development of a product, and that of a human being. I had a blog several years ago, which I began in 2007 and used when studying in France. That was a period when I needed to document all the sensations and experiences around me and, indeed, the majority of my posts were dated January – June 2008.

Coming back home equated with a loss of inspiration and ambition to write and, six or nine months after my return, I killed the blog. In a way, it did not represent me anymore and I did not want it to be online. It was a testimony of what I had lived and did not live any longer, so I effaced all the contents, all the posts, the blog itself. I pondered on whether or not I should save some posts or transfer them to a new platform, but at the time all I wanted was to do away with it.

Now I have sort of rediscovered the taste for writing and, I have to admit, I miss some of the posts on the old platform. Some of them went beyond my post-France state and they did not deserve to be deleted.

Some food for thought, therefore: change, but keep some of the old, irrespective of the process that undergoes the transformation. Binning everything and always starting from scratch is not as sexy as I thought it was.

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