“You haven’t come this far to stop.”

Over 50,000 runners took part in the New York Marathon in November 2018. And I was one of them. I had decided to participate the year before, selling myself the event as a sightseeing opportunity: “You’ll see parts of New York you haven’t yet seen!”  That was good enough motivation for me, because to me New York is the greatest city in our modern world … Continue reading “You haven’t come this far to stop.”

“Carrie Bradshaw, love of my life – “

I am not sure you are always afforded the luxury of going back and rewriting a narrative, a perspective or a part of your own story. Time moves on, people move on, even you move on, therefore going back is sometimes unnecessary, unimportant, no longer something that you feel you need to do. And so I am extremely grateful I have recently had the opportunity … Continue reading “Carrie Bradshaw, love of my life – “